College of Human Sciences Auburn Talks Presentations

2017: Veena Chattaraman, PhD
“AI Bots Enabling Intelligent Consumer Decisions”

2016: Stephen Erath, PhD
“The Upside of Sweating It: Protective Reponses to Social Stress in Childhood and Adolescence”

2015: Michael Greene, PhD
“How I Came to Study Sugar”

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This is Research

The College of Human Sciences is proud of its reputation as one of Auburn’s most vibrant, engaging, and intellectually stimulating academic units. In its pursuit of Science for a Quality Life, the needs of individuals and families are addressed in the context of their environments by applying scientific principles to solve the practical problems of everyday living.

Human Sciences is comprised of three departments which make unique, yet interdependent, contributions to research: the Department of Consumer and Design Sciences uses a multidisciplinary approach to meet human needs and wants through the design, production, and delivery of safe and aesthetically pleasing quality goods and services; the Department of Human Development and Family Studies focuses on how individuals and relationships develop and change in different contexts over time; and the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics, and Hospitality Management concentrates on the vital importance of good nutrition and the provision of premium hospitality service to enhance the lives of families and consumers.

Human Scientists are making breakthroughs in areas such as:

  • Relationship Health Across the Lifespan

  • Nutrition, Wellness, and Health

  • Sleep and Child Development

  • Technology to Promote Human Health

  • Design of Public and Personal Spaces

  • Hospitality


Apparel Merchandising,
Design, & Production Management
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Interior Design
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Human Development
& Family Studies
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Marriage & Family Therapy
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Hotel and Restaurant Management
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Nutrition Science,
Dietetics, & Wellness
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